In Polpettas Mag we want to suggest  several ideas  to complete your Christmas list with presents that your loved ones will never forget. Original design objets that last through time but also transmit how special that person is for you.

We have spent some time with Ruth Uve, founder of the design shop in Madrid Estudio Báltico. She has given us a range of ideas for us to complete our Christmas Wishlist better than ever.

Between all the recommendations for presents that you give in your studio, which would be the one that you would like to receive yourself?

From all the objects that we have in the store right now, one of the things that I would like more would be the fruit platter from the portuguese brand Util. Made from white porcelain and with a minimalistic design, it is one of our most interesting pieces that we have for those who love industrial design.

studio baltico madrid design fruit platter1 (2)

Any suggestions for those who have to think for a gift for their friend but also for their colleague at work?

I believe that there is a big difference between buying a present for your friend and buying one for your work mate. With your friend you are always going to have a closer relationship, and with your colleague at work even if you spend your day to day life with him, the relationship is less personal. Your aim when you buy a present to your best friend should be getting something that lasts through time and that has something special. Something that reminds that person of you. I would probably buy the crane-shaped artisan gratter, it is a very special japanese piece. Or maybe any of the gold platted Pomme knifes, that will get a beautiful patina texture with time and that can go from one generation to the other.

To a friend from work I would probably buy any of the pieces that we have from Craft Design Technology, or any of the pieces by Dieter Rams for Braun.

studio baltico madrid design knifes1studio baltico madrid design1


Any advice for a Santa Claus that already has everything.

For those who already have everything we also have some cool things. There is a beautiful piece designed by Sori Yanagi, a representative of the modern Japanese era. I am talking about a very special can opener disegned in the seventies by the Kopf brand. It’s magnific in the esthetic aspect but it is also fantastic at an utilitarian level. It is a really well designed piece, ergonomic and resistent.

can opener madrid design studio1

The last present that you have made from your own shelves?

There is a wide range of presents in our shop, one of the last ones is the Belgian ceramin cup from Hélène Morbus. She has some beautiful artisan pieces with a very special spirit.

The ideal present to pass a comfy winter?

I would say with no doubt the Kaico teapot, made out of lacquered ion with wooden pieces and for those who want to keep warm in a different way, I would suggest the whisky glasses from Littala.

studio baltico madrid design teapot1

If you’re in Madrid don’t miss the chance to visit Estudio Báltico in c/ Moratin 42 and spend some time with Ruth  who will be more than happy to tell you all about her pieces. And you can also buy online!