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Never being curious about the country where the most successful designers live? New year comes with some appealing news about design and geography with the World Design Rankings that list all the countries according to the number of designers that have won with the A’ Design Award. 100 are the countries involved, and once again the winner is United States, followed by China, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Turkey, Taiwan, Portugal and Australia.

If you’re curious to discover the complete results and where your country placed, please find the whole list here.

The aim of World Design Rankings is to offer info and ideas on the art and design industry conditions, and to help a global design culture grow more and more highlighting and supporting good design.

The ranks are made considering the number of designers that have been awarded with a platinum, gold, silver, bronze or iron A ‘Design Award, and seek to provide a picture of the creative strengths, weaknesses and opportunities available in the different countries.

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Remember, the deadline for registering for the 2019 A’ Design Award & Competition is February 28, 2019. After winning entries been announced on April 15, 2019 it’ll be our pleasure feature them in a very special article on Polpettas Mag.

Here’s a selection of award-winning projects, next year there could be yours below!

Cover: Corner 60’s Residence by Yu-Jui Chang